? How can I select parts.
= You can either go through the equipment specs ( eg. products=>chiller spare parts => air cooled => screw= RTAA) or just type in the description at search and select the part after checking the details on each one displayed.

? How Do I place an order.
= It is simple. Select the part you need. Add this to cart and opt for the relevent payment method at the end. please check all the details before submitting the order

? How can I follow up my order.
= you can call 04-3285589 or mail to, with the order ref to get the status of your order.

? What is the delivery  period for an order.
= every order should be delivered in 2 working days.

? Can I order spare parts from Outside UAE.
= No you can't. We haven't started this facility yet. You can get the part through a friend or a company in UAE.